HISP at Global Digital Health Forum for climate and health

Hello Climate and Health Enthusiasts!

For those of you who are participating in the Global Digital Health Forum this week, we invite you to join us for presentations by DHIS2 experts from the HISP network at these events:

  • December 5, 9-10am EST: Climate and Health Data Integration for Early Warning Systems (Glen Echo Room)

  • December 5, 4:15- 5pm EST: Integrating Climatic and Entomological Data with Early Warning Models into DHIS2 for Improved Dengue and Malaria Surveillance in Tanzania (Topic A Lounge)

  • December 6, 9-10am EST: Making an Impact on Climate & Health in LMICs with DHIS2 (Topic A Lounge)

  • December 6, 1-2pm EST: How can Digital Public Goods Build Health System Resilience? (Glen Echo Room)


I hope that I wouldn’t be part of discussion because the mentioned hours contradict with my working hours and thanks.

Thank you! For more information please visit (https://www.gdhf.digital/). Please note that this is a paid event, so people need to register to access the online content (but it is free for LMIC participants as well as students).

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The lineup of presentations by DHIS2 experts sounds super interesting, especially the ones focusing on climate and health data integration. It’s amazing to see technology like DHIS2 being utilized to tackle important issues like dengue and malaria surveillance. By the way, have you been keeping up with the latest trends in the digital health industry? It’s evolving so rapidly, and forums like this are crucial for staying in the loop.

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