Hiding a program stage if TEI has been marked as complete


I’m trying to hide a program stage if a TEI is completed. Does anyone know how to implement this using program rules?


Hi @Clara,

I think that this post by @Markus is important for your question:

If that is what you are looking for then please follow the steps in the screenshot (you would need to have followed all the steps mentioned here in the docs Create a program rule variable and Create a program rule ):

There will be a couple of steps after that which you will select the info based on your program and metadata; however please post back with an update! Thanks!

Hello. I am able to hide program stages with program rules. I’m looking for a specific expression to hide a program stage if the TEI is completed @Gassim

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Hi @Clara ,

Using V{enrollment_status} in the rule expression should work. This variable can take the following values: COMPLETED, ACTIVE and CANCELLED.

The expression you should use would be:

V{enrollment_status} == 'COMPLETED'


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