Grouping program stages

Dear community,
@Gassim is there a way program stages can be grouped?
I mean if I have a program with many program stages is there a way I can group them so that when I click on a specific program stage group therefore I will view only program stages that belongs in that group.

Thanks for you usual support

This is a very interesting question @Pacifique_Hategekima!

Honestly, I have not seen nor heard something like this; however, you know that it’s possible to hide/show program stages using program rules, so I have an idea but I’m not sure if an expert would necessarily say that it is the right way to do it. I will make my suggestion and still ask @tracker-frontend for their opinion.

I’m thinking it would be possible to create a stage that will be used for one purpose: show/hide the other program stages, and this program stage can contain data elements (Yes/No type) for each group of the program stages. Finally, a program rule for each of these data elements can control which group to show because you will define each group in each program rule so that when the Data Element value is Yes the action would be to show all the program stages for that group and another program rule that will hide the group of program stages when it’s a No.

I hope that this suggestion will be helpful.

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Hi there, as @Gassim points out, the program stages cannot be divided into groups. Hiding stages with rules might be an option, but keep in mind that if there exists an event in the program stage, the event will not be hidden. The “Hide program stage” will only hide the option of adding new events in that stage, and remove the stage from the tabular widget as well as from the “add new event” popup.


Thanks @Markus! So I understand that if the program stages have events, then the “hide program stage” will work better in the tabular widget (and not the timeline widget). (:

Honestly this is the only option I was thinking and I see that it might be helpful,
let me implement it in such way
Thanks @Gassim and @Markus for the helpful advises and support.

I can post back for the feedback after testing this

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