Hide/ Show Section program rules

I have two sections in a stage.
In the first section, I have a yes no question, if checked yes => the second section will appear.
I created a program rule when false ==>hide section
but it didn’t work.
And what about showing section if false.

Dear @dina.mazloum, Please paste the expression so that we can evaluated, by the way is Program rule variable defined properly?

and in the action tab I choose Hide Section and specify which section.
(the program rule is defined properly)

we can define as #{the_expression_here}!=‘true’, its the another way and the evaluation is the same.Please use clear cache after changing the expression for testing

same. No actions done
The Section still appear in both cases yes/no

Thank you for your question @dina.mazloum . I have tagged the @dhis2-tracker team for support.


Hi @dina.mazloum please share a image. You can do this !#{the_expression_here}.