hibernate_sequence is working by default in Postgres

Dear All,

I converted MySql Database In Postgres with Data. Conversion is good.

However, I face few bugs about insert new dataelement or datset. It is shows duplicate id.

For solving this bug, I created dataelementid_seq sequence for auto incremented dataelement id and set as a default value of dataelemtid column in dataelement table.

Unfortunately, Now If i am create a new dataelemt then it is not taking the default value which one i set in dataelementid colum. It is taking the curvalue of hibernate_sequence. Not from my new dataelementid_seq.

The sequence step are follows:


CREATE SEQUENCE dataelementid_seq
MAXVALUE 9223372036854775807
ALTER TABLE dataelementid_seq

OWNER TO postgres;

SELECT MAX(dataelementid) FROM dataelement
SELECT nextval(‘dataelementid_seq’);
SELECT setval(‘dataelementid_seq’, (SELECT MAX(dataelementid) FROM dataelement));

Set default value: nextval(‘dataelementid_seq’::regclass)

Have any one any solution about default value.
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