Hi Community. Problem with Predictors and Program indicator

Descriptions :

  1. I am using 2.36 version of dhis2 instance
  2. I created a program indicator from a program (Tracker), that gives adequate values monthly (That are not 0) when you are making a request via the data visualizer module.
  3. I have some fields, (dataelement and his category option combo associated) in an aggregated dataset, and I would like to populate that fields with the value generated from the program indicator.
  4. For that issue, I created a predictor with all his elements duly filled (Period,…). At the level of the Generator, I inserted the program indicator: I{xxxxxxxxxxx}.
  5. Whenever I run the predictor, it generates the values, but the values are always 0.
  6. So what I am supposed to do, in order to get the appropriate values ? Using the Program Indicator and the Predictor ? Thanks.