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We are currently using DHIS2.30.

We are having a few issues with tracker programs that we cannot figure out. The interesting thing is that we cannot reproduce them on the demo site.

Firstly, we have programs we created, which we created in I think ver 2.27. They do not contain any data, but we cannot delete them. When you try to delete, you see this:

Secondly, we created a new event program for a survey and commenced data entry this morning. We observed some errors in the entries and tried to edit the entries. When you click on the record and on edit, nothing happens. One would expect the record to open but nothing happens. You get a response when clicking on Edit in grid, audit history, and remove. The only way now to make the edits is to delete the record and enter the data all over again.

I tried to see if I could edit the record using the mobile app but the records are not showing up on the app.

I have checked sharing settings, user roles to see what could be wrong and not arrived at anything.

The fact that this is not reproducible is also a challenge.

Have you encountered anything like this before and what guidance to resolve it can you provide?

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Hey there!

Deleting programs:
When deleting programs fail, there will usually be a helpful error message in the system log. Can you access the catalina/server log and see what errors occur when you try and delete?

Unable to edit:
It seems the app crashes when trying to open existing events. Can you open the devloper console in your browser and see if there is any errors that is displayed?

Best regards,

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This may not be helpful, but in the past, for tracker/event programs, you may be able to SEE all records, but you can only EDIT a record if you first click into the org unit where it was originally created, then load the specific record from within that org unit.

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Hello Again,
I experienced this error while trying to register a patient in a tracker program

What could be the problem?

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Dear All,
Please could someone help us take a look at this?

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Hi @Emma_Kassy - are you able to check this out for @ifeanyiokoye please?

Thanks @jomutsani

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Hi there @ifeanyiokoye,
the server error message says that there is already an existing active enrollment in the program. I assume you are trying to enroll an existing patient into the tracker program, and not a new one. If this is not the case, let me know.
The reason the tracker client allows you to try and create a new enrollment might be that the user you are logged in with does not have access to see the enrollment already existing for the program.

Can you check the “Search organisation unit” in the users app for the user you are trying to create the enrollment with? The “Search organisation unit” should be set to a high enough level so that the user can see any existing enrollments.

If you try and log in with a superuser and open the patient dashboard, perhaps you are able to see any existing enrollments?



Hello @Markus,
Thank you for the response.

All searches for existing enrollments using all the IDs have returned nothing. Since we built this program, it has not taken us past the registration page. When I click on save and continue, nothing happens.

I actually have been using a superuser account for all these activities.

I also saw this on the console

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)
dhis2.angular.directives.js:20 on outree
angular.js:11655 TypeError: Cannot read property ‘endDate’ of undefined
at services.js:2430
at Object.r [as forEach] (angular.js:323)
at Object.autoGenerateEvents (services.js:2409)
at registration-controller.js:511
at angular.js:13248
at n.$eval (angular.js:14466)
at n.$digest (angular.js:14282)
at n.$apply (angular.js:14571)
at l (angular.js:9698)
at M (angular.js:9888)

Not sure what it means only that it comes up after I click save and continue.

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Aha - there is a problem with the periodtype assigned to the program stage. Did you plan to use the period types for your program stages? To test wether we are on the right track you can do the following:
Open program in maintenance, navigate to each of the program stages and make sure “period type”(7th item from the top) is blank/no value.



Hello @Markus, I removed all the period types in the stages and it now works.

However, I need to understand why this was a problem and the utility of that field.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

When the period type on program stage works, it will mask the event date selection and replace it with a period picker. We are actually in the process of possibly removing the period selection for program stages, at least calling the commmunity for information on how its used: