Help using the sample Sierra leone dataset

Greetings everyone, I recently just finished installing dhis2 (2.3 5 latest version) instance on my windows laptop. Now I have two problems, 1 I can’t restore the Sierra leone sample dataset no matter how hard I try, I keep getting the same error and the community help page instructions are not working for me (I have postgis extension and everything, so was requesting someone make a simple video recording for everyone to follow). Secondly, when I try to enable the Google earth engine api after doing everything right I keep getting an error when trying to load layers, (I think a video would also be great for this issue). Otherwise it’s been a whole week of scouring the internet and YouTube. For Christ’s sake, whoever is kind enough, please upload a simple video screen capture of using the sample dataset and enabling the earth engine, I am almost running mad. Thank you all for your time.

Hi Felix, welcome to our community!

Could you please be more specific about the errors you get?

Bjørn Sandvik
DHIS2 Maps developer