Help - Re-ordering OU groups in group set


Is it possible to change the order of OU groups in a group set? I have an OU group set for “Countries” and OU groups for different countries. I added them to the group set through the maintenance interface by selecting each OU group in alphabetical order. But after I save them they are in a different (non-alphabetical) order, and they appear unordered in the Pivot Tables and Data Visualizer. Is there a way to change the order?

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Hey @Guerra-Arias_Maria,
How are you? I am reading your question and I see that in the DHIS2 Version 2.35.6 Data Visualizer the OU groups in the group sets appear in the alphabetical order. Is this still an issue that you are facing? What DHIS2 version are you using?


Hi - thanks for reaching out. We are currently on 2.30 but planning an upgrade to 2.35 soon. Hope this will take care of the issue.



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Thanks for your quick response! It is recommended that you upgrade. You can check it out on the demo instance in to see if you are still facing this issue.