Help needed to implement SQL based standard report

Hi all,

Please note I am trying to implement a SQL based Standard Report but failing. I have gone through “28.8 Designing SQL based standard reports” topic but not able to achieve what I want.

Request anyone to guide me on this aspect. Your help is much appreciated.

BTW, we are using DHIS2 Version 2.29, Build 0b4de69 and using Tracker. Hence my query will be based on tracker tables such as “trackedentitydatavalue”.

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Hi there,

I havent built a SQL based standard report with ireport/jbdc, however I know you can show a SQLview in html report, and manipulate the data table from there.

If you import this html file to and execute html report, you can see a list of all organization units in the system.

ANCoverview_sqlView_in_htmlReport.xml (4.9 KB)

Note you can also use variables for substitution within the query, or use filter criteria in the sql view url. This would allow you to show only SQL view specific to your selected org unit or period.

Should also work in 2.29

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Hi @brian,

Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge.

Let me try the HTML to get some exposure on this concept.

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Hi @brian,

Good day. I realised that your example may not help me fully to implement tracker based data.

I want to use iReport to create flexible reports and deploy under Standard reports. I managed to create the report in iReport but failing to deploy under Standard reports.


I hope someone out there in the DHIS2 community done this already. I request you to help me so we can make use of the data in DHIS2 database.

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