Help needed: There are no data. You don't have permission to add new records

Hi all,

I have a section form data set built for data entry on android capture app. I have shared it with the correct user group, but when I log in with the user and click on the form name, I get the following message: 'There are no data. You don’t have permission to add new records.'

Any help is welcome.

Is it an aggregate form? May be an issue with user permissions (can the user role add/update data value?), or sharing the category combos properly (or other metadata besides the dataset itself). Sometimes if you test the form on the browser by logging in as an end user in incognito mode and trying to access the dataset and enter data, the browser version will give you more information about the error (the attribute option isn’t shared, etc)
Others may have seen this specific error and have input.

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Hi @ferdinandmussavene. Was this solved with @Natalie_Tibbels’s suggestion?