Help needed: Data Set - hide Data Element entry based on a Boolean response

Hi everyone

I need to show/hide a DE entry based on a Yes/No response in a dataset. If the response is No to Was the health facility assessment?, the option set in the following DE must be hidden.

Is this possible in a dataset? If not, what is the workaround as not hiding the option set if the answer is ‘NO’ may confuse the user.

Your hints or suggestions would be greatly appreciated


Have you looked through the exercises in the following site:

Hi @jesplana,

I looked through the exercises in the site, but there isn’t any exercise similar to the problem I mentioned above. Other suggestions are welcome.

Hi @dmbantu,
This feature is not supported in the aggregate domain like it is in the tracker domain with the program rules. The only workaround can be if you use custom dataset form coupled with javascript for this logic. For more information on aggregate forms, take a look at this

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Hi, @omielp

Looking at my post, that is a custom form. I wonder if you could provide a step-by-step guide for embedding javascript in my small custom form above.

Looking forward to further steps/suggestions/hints

This would be really cool functionality - to have skip patterns in aggregate forms, or to be able to hide sections based on responses or based on user roles. I would definitely use that a lot.