HELP: How to modify UID of a data element that already has data and what its implications

Hi, all.

I have a data element that has been causing me problems in pivot tables, It is always displaying an error. I read a post here in the community which says the problem is related to the ID of the data element. In other words, the fact that the data element ID starts with a number is the cause of the problem. The data element ID is Id 8G5jlAJLDwl. The post suggests changing the ID manually. How can I do this as I have no access to the DB and what are its implications? Is it possible to change it through API? If yes, can anyone lead me?


Hi @ferdinandmussavene , How did you get this UID? Was it through a CSV import? I am afraid the only way might be through a SQL query.

Hi @Gassim,

I got the ID just by clicking on the three dots beside the data element.

I am wondering if anyone in the community can provide me with an SQL script/query to update/modify the UID.