Help for DHIS2 Analytics Components (in custom app)

Hello. I would like to make data visualizer app like dhis2 dashboard using dhis2 maps or graphics component . where can i find these resource or which component do i used ?. Thanks

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The Data Visualizer app allows you to create charts, pivot tables, and single values; additionally, the Maps app allows you to create maps. You are able to save them as favorites and then from the main dashboard app, you are able to create a dashboard and add your favorite items to the dashboard.

Would you please explain further? What resource are you asking about? For developing an app or for using these DHIS2 core apps?

Thank you!

Hello. am developping a dhis2 custom app and i want to create map , charts, etc… in this custom app. so i want to use dhis2 analytic components or items for that. but i don’t know how can i do that and where find documentation for these dhis2 analytics component. i have search in DHIS2 UI doc , but not found. Thank you for Helping

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The best way to do that is using the API (docs), and since you are developing a custom app, I recommend watching this video and for documentation you’d be using the data mutations (DHIS2 Application Runtime)

Hope this answers your question? Thanks!

Thank you . i will try

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Thanks feel free to update us on your progress! – Thanks! :+1:

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