Help: Event - TEI: tracker relationship use-case

I would like to Link Participants with Sessions they participate in. I have the form below where I register the patient’s name, age and the session he/she participates in.

IEach participant is supposed to participate in 8 sessions. At the end of each session I want to know how many boys and girls participated and how many female and male condoms were distribuited.

Can anyone give me step by step instruction on how to create the relationship so that I get the expected results in the analytics?

Thank you in advance

In addition to participant’s name and age, I would suggest you add gender and these would the attributes in your tracker. Then you create a repeatable program stage that captures session completed by participant and the number of condoms provided to that participant.
For analysis you will have to create program indicators.
PS: For a program Indicator number of condoms, use the aggregation type SUM and not count.
Let us know if this was helpful.



Your explanation has shed light on the way I can structure the tracker. I will follow your instructions and say something if have difficulty getting things work. what would be advisable to do: create session completed as an option set with the following options 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8 or as a number value type?

thanks in advance?

I would suggest you use the Optionset, the value type for the options is text.
Let me know if you need more information.


Hi @Emma_Kassy

As we are interested in how many sessions a participant has attended and how many condoms each has received, then I have created the participant as a tracked entity with a repeatable stage to capture all the different sessions they will attend. Following your instructions, the tracker program will have the contents below:


Iam having difficulty creating program indicators. The Program indicators are as follows:

Number of female condoms provided session
Number of male condoms provided in each session
Number of girls < 18 or > 18 that participated in each session
Number of boys < 18 or > 18 that participated in each session

Another question: how to prevent a chw from selecting a session twice for the same participant as data field session completed is an optionset?

Any suggestion or explanation is helpful.