Heavy Server Load in dhis2 instance results in no response to users

Our server starts giving very slow to no responses. This happens very often but still is a concern. We cannot identify , which process starts taking so much processing power.

Is there any specific call or process, which takes up too much resources.
Any solution, on how to handle this, or any settings we can update.


Hi @ahmed685

What OS do you use? Try to use netstat -na commands to check all network activities. And obviously monitor all your apps activity.

In any case first check RAM and SSD/HDD, then what you have autostarted.
Additionally I would recommend you to check your network, as it maybe result of infected computer in your LAN premises. And also check if you have BYOD devices connected to your network.
Just take a steps one by one.
Good luck

@ahmed685, was your issue resolved ?.
In an ideal situation, you can connect monitoring tools to your system to track how it uses resources. Linux provides diagnostic tools like htop , top , and free -h that you can use to see real-time information about how your computer is using resources.
Let me know if I can help,

Hello @ahmed685 can you share JAVA_OPTS= value from setenv.sh + your RAM

Dear All,
Thanks for the replies.

Upon looking into the matter, due to high usage of system , our system required more hardware specs, so we are now using 32 core intel xeon processor, 128 gb RAM, 2TB hot plug Hard Disk.

While the issue of slow response remained the same, i further investigated the issue, and the reason lied in a slow api request, which was being called upon opening the ‘Data entry’ app. The data from lock exceptions was causing slow response times. The lock exceptions are creating joins with tables, in the api call, thus making response times up to 150 seconds.

So to summarize all of this: We removed the Lock Exceptions in dhis2, and the load timings were smooth.

This issue is handled, while due to heavy data storage, now we are facing another issue, which is described in this link : While running analytics, error occurs No space left on device

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