Handwriting signature


I’m trying to figure out how to collect a handwriting signature but without result.
Main idea is that “pacient” signs at the bottom of a form. I supose this fits better with Android Capture.

Do you know how to achive this? I can not find any information inside COP / Google.

Thanks a lot.

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Hi @kfeina .

At the moment Android does not support signature on the screen. What I have seen in some implementations is that you have a written form and then define a Data Element of type Image (called consent, for example). When the pacient comes, they sign the document and you take a picture from the phone.

If you would like to have this signature embedded in the App I invite you to submite a JIRA feature request explaining with details your use case. https://dhis2.atlassian.net/


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I did it. Never did before, so I hope it is ok. Regards.

[ANDROAPP-4986] Handwriting signature - Jira (atlassian.net)