Guidance on working on Dhis2-android-dashboard

Hi , this is R B Krishna ,Sophomore year in Computer Science And Engineering at National Institute Of Technology , Trichy , India.

I am very interested in contributing to Enhancing the DHIS2 Android Dashboard application and Re-Implement DHIS2 android data capture applications to use shared database.

I have been an android application developer for an year and I am well accustomed with activity lifecycles , Gradle Build process , Efficient Network calls , Performance and Battery Optimizations , and writing readable and organized code.

I have also participated in many hackathons (inGenius,Pragyan etc.) and finished in the top 10 in most of them.

I have also worked on a startup as a paid intern - as an android developer and built the app from scratch.

Most of my Projects on github are public and I have started contributing to open source lately.

Projects of mine include :

  1. (DashBoard App for Pragyan)

  2. (A slack like app communication between organizing members of Pragyan)



I have already worked on a charting library - android-graphview (jjoe64) [].

I have starting working on the issue - Editing account information. #9, and I would like to seek your guidance on implementing the same ( Can we modify the updateUserAccount() function or create a new function in file for doing this?

And also should we add the route in like the others that are already present in that file? , Should we use the UserAccount class object for body of request or create a new body for request?)