Hi Aagam,

Thank you for your interest in DHIS 2 project. Please signup for the developers mailing list
Contribute to discussions there and try to play with DHIS 2 and understanding the concepts of data modeling.

You should also download the latest trunk and build DHIS2 and deploy it on tomcat.
You should look at the project ideas -

Once you understand the scope of the application, you will be able to make suggestions to what mobile apps can be useful to DHIS2.

You should make these suggestions in your GSoC application.

Feel free to write to the list and discussing your app ideas with the community.



On 25 February 2014 21:59, Aagam S Shah wrote:

Hey Saptarshi,

I am Aagam Shah from DA-IICT 3rd year B.Tech student. I saw thatDHIS is

selected as an organization for GSOC and you are one of the mentor of

it. Going through the ideas of Android - the field in which I have good

experience, the idea for creating Mobile App using GPS seemed good for


A brief introduction on my projects:

IIT Delhi Intern: I interned at IIT Delhi for Developing an Android App

for the Delhi Drainage Master Plan which is of Delhi Gov. I was the

Android Leader at the project and developed the app which you can find

here. In that we used Google Maps, Cloud based server and man more


Pill Scheduler: An android app that schedules the Pill and alarms the

user when it is the time to take pills and shows the pill information.

SIG Android: I have been teaching Android to students in my college

where me and some other friends have created Student Interest Group for


Webmaster of Google Developers Group- DA-IICT

Contributor at WordPress-Android: Implemented Pull-To-Refresh Posts,

added support for G+,Picasa images, and fixed many bugs.

I would like to know that, is there any work should I start on so that

it gives you clear vision on the project. Also IRC- chat would be

suitable to discuss more ideas on it.

Waiting for your reply,


Aagam Shah

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