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Dear Yuriy Ivanovich,

I would like to forward your email to the mailing list in which there are many developers and professional of HISP who are working directly in DHIS2 software.

@HISPers: Now the time of Google Summer Code, so I think Yuriy Ivanovich is interested in DHIS2 for his master’s degree. So could you please help him getting more closer with this software ?

Thank you for contacting to me, Yuriy Ivanovich.


On Thu, Apr 11, 2013 at 4:51 AM, Yuriy Ivanovich wrote:


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Dear Hieu Dang Duy

I am a student of 4th course of Computer Science in National University Lviv Polytechnic. I want take part in GSOC 2013. I saw your project ideas for GSOC 2013 by this url :

I am interested work in this project “Mobile application for Health worker workplan”

So i have another questions :

  1. Where are I can gat more info about DHIS2 Web API and DHIS2 Tracker for example, how these plans look, in what format are saved, etc.
  1. What functionality you want see in this project ? You want only to be able to accessed to existing plans or also able to create plans using this mobile application.
  1. What should I do to get to work on this project ?

I want to participate with your project because medicine’s software is very interesting to me. In future, i want link my master’s degree work with this topic.

Actually . what about my skills.

I already have one year experience in outsourcing company in position junior developer.

I have experience working in Android projects where i used Java , Android NDK, Android SDK, C/C++, Robotium framework, JSON, XML for more information you can look my linkedin profile


best regards

Yuriy Bugryn | Junior Software Developer

skype : tojayura

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Dear Yuriy Ivanovich,

I’m so sorry for this inconvenient. Maybe, there is a wrong reference in the link Long Ngo (DHIS Mobile developer). I’m not “Long Ngo” who you are mentioning in “Mobile application for Health worker workplan” Project. Please contact to Mr.Long (the real one) follow on Long Ngo


On Sun, Apr 14, 2013 at 6:29 AM, Yuriy Ivanovich wrote:

Here the link where you can test for the Tracker in DHIS2. Btw, If you wanna get more details about this module just ask Tran Chau (core DHIS2 developer)

Expert By Chance

Dear Hieu Dang Duy,

Unfortunately I didn’t get any response at this time. I understand, that maybe guys haven’t time or didn’t see my message. But I worry that because if I have not full information about your project I will can’t create good proposal and in future it can be the main reason that I can not qualify to GSOC 2013. But i am really want join to GSOC 2013 with your project.

Sorry to bother you. On site exactly you referred as Primary Mentor of project “Mobile application for Health worker workplan”.

Actually now, i have another questions.

  1. Where i can test DHIS2 Tracker ?

  2. How i can create workplan for health worker ?

  3. How i can get workplan for health worker ? (using some API )

  4. In what format workplan for health worker saved ? (JSON/XML)

If I get this information I already can start write some test code for successfully work in this project.

Sorry to bother you again . Thanks,
Yuriy Bugryn

Yuriy Bugryn | Junior Software Developer

skype : tojayura