Grouping dashboards

Hello team,

Is there a way to group dashboards. For instance, I want a dashboard for tracker app and one for data entry app. Currently all my dashboards are all in one and some have similiar names. I want to have a screen for tracker dashboards and one for data entry.

Hope I make sense.

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Hi @Tangy

Thank you for your post. Unfortunately, in the current version of the Dashboard app this is not possible; however, there are some updates that are happening to the Dashboard apps some time soon:

Thank you!

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@Gassim thank you.

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Hi @Tangy We have successfully created a DHIS2 Dashboarding tool that has the potential to address the issue at hand. It would be greatly appreciated if we could engage in a discussion to further explore the capabilities and potential benefits of our solution.


Thanks @mutesasira for sharing! Perhaps @Tangy could share more about the expected features. Additionally, is it available online, if so would you like to share a link to the tool? :slight_smile:

@Gassim Here is the github link, GitHub - HISP-Uganda/interactive-dashboards

Please Note that the app is still under development and we are available for any inquiries. Documents will up soon