Group members hidden in 2.36.6 version

Hi all,

When configuring users from the user app, I choose a role and user group. When clicking on the user group name, members are hidden. In previous versions of DHIS 2, it was possible to view all members belonging to a user group. Are there any reasons for this?

2.34 version shows members


Hi @dmbantu,
Thank you for your question!

I think this might be because of a change in the Users API and a bit more stricter policy towards user privacy. Please see the change log in 2.35 (notes-backend/platform/35/changelog at master · dhis2/notes-backend · GitHub) Never mind this, read @Gintare post below, thank you! :blush:


Hey @dmbantu ,

This was done for performance reasons (DHIS2-10377, DHIS2-10475). We understand that this was a convenient feature and we are planning to reimplement it in the future. Your feedback is welcome!