Gps Coordinates

Hi team,
We have a program for entrepreneurs training activities and the activities are in different locations so i want the field officers to capture the GPS coordinates as one of the data elements of the training activity. how can i build or add gps as data element.

Hi @Eris_Vinn,
I am interested in knowing what app are you using? And is it on the web UI or the android app?

About the GPS coordinates, you definitely can add a data eleement as a coordinate:
Coordinate	|	A point coordinate specified as longitude and latitude in decimal degrees. All coordinate should be specified in the format "-19.23 , 56.42" with a comma separating the longitude and latitude.

You’ll find the step by step instruction in the docs. Here’s the link:
### Create or edit a data element

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have more questions, and I’m looking forward to hearing about your experience with the program you are working on. Feel free to make a post about that and share with the global community! :blush::+1::+1:


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So I just select “coordinate” as value type?

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Yup! But the entry needs to be in the exact format mentioned in the docs/above.

You’re welcome! :+1: