GPS Coordinates not accurate DHIS2 Tracker

Hi Community, @jaime.bosque
I am having issue with some GPS coordinates that we are capturing using DHIS2 Tracker.
Some of the GPS coordinates are not accurate as shown on the screenshots below.
I was wondering someone already had this issues.
Thank you.

Hi @ammadou,

I am pinging @Pablo that might explain better how the acquisition of coordinates work. It seems to me that you are getting some 0,0 which means the GPS coordinates were somehow not acquired .

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I have already reported this a month ago on JIRA #8903: the problem is that if a user capture ANY coordinates and then DELETES them, the system automatically fills in 0,0 instead of NULLING out the field.

The bug affects 2.32, 2.33, 2.34, 2.35.

So the only workaround for now is to identify the relevant Tracker Cases and then

  • add more or less correct coordinates
  • run a script to to pick out any coordinate field have coordinates = POINT (0 0) and NULL it out.