GPS coordinates 2.31 vs other

Hello everyone,

I noticed after updating to 2.31 that I cannot display facilities with newly added GPS coordinates. They just dont appear on the map. I can see the one I created in 2.30 but not the new ones. I tried to replicate in the dhis2 play 2.31, same result - cannot see the new. If I try in 2.33 it works - after adding GPS coordinate it becomes visible on the map right away.

Anything known about this?



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Hi @tomasmatas,

Thanks for spotting that, it might be a bug. Can you reproduce it on our play environment? If so, could you please raise an issue in jira?


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Yes, I was able to reproduce it in the play env. -> will Jira it.)



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Linking JIRA issue and CoP topic to inform others, here is the JIRA issue: