Google Analytics 4 Support

Hello to all,

I was wondering what the current level of support is for Google Analytics. Based on this post and the system settings, I assume that Universal Analytics was supported.

Recently, Universal Analytics has been discontinued by Google (I can only add two links as a new user, but this is easily ‘Googlable’). :grin: They have moved to a new analytics version called GA4. Is this supported in newer versions of DHIS or will be?

I saw the following ticket related to this change in analytics from Google.

Thank you in advance for the answer! This would be a really useful feature to better understand the system usage.


Hi @theo_hf

As far as I know, it’s not supported yet. There’s a feature request Jira issue created by @varl and he shared it with me (DHIS2-3481 Capture insight analytics for web applications ).
A while back ago he said that Google Analytics is not supported yet but the jira feature is still open so probably it’s an on-going work, so please vote for the feature! Please see the details in the Jira issue DHIS2-3481

Please post back with any updates. Thank you!