GML format for maps

Hi, This is Kashif, I’m looking for .gml file to built maps in DHIS2, I have tried .shp files and gml files but at the time of import DHIS2 give some errors. Please help to correct the file syntax.

oNfeo6SdwkL OrganisationUnit id No matching object for given reference. Identifier was UID, and object was [oNfeo6SdwkL] (OrganisationUnit).


Hey @ka777shif! Welcome to the DHIS2 Community of Practice. May I ask what version of DHIS2 are you using? It seems like you might be facing an issue that has been reported in Jira issue: DHIS2-7077

To quote the proposed solution from @Phil:

[The error log contains] the OU Name (from the gml file) so that can be used as a starting point to check the validity of the gml file, allowing one to fix the gml file by either:

  • removing the invalid entries
  • correcting the names of the invalid entries
  • adding the <org:uid> (or <CODE>) tag for the invalid entries to explicitly map them to a unique OU
    (or a combination of the above)

Please let us know if this helps!


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Thanks for quick response my issue has been resolved.


@ka777shif , really glad to help! If it solved the issue, please mark the post as solved! :slight_smile: