Global SMS gateway providers

Good Day,
Is there any international SMS gateway providers compatible with DHIS2 that one can use ??


Bulk SMS.

But in my country we are using local provider. We developed a custom gateway between DHIS2 and the Provider


Can use local providers gateway, it too pratical. The Provider can help to create a customs gateway


As you can see from other community member’s responses, most implementations seem to go for local providers. Please feel free to share more about any challenges you’re facing to get an SMS provider.

As for your question regarding international SMS gateway, have you tried to search for online solutions? It might cost a bit more than local providers but if you’re authorized locally to use online providers, maybe services such as Twilio could provide the service. I have not tested this myself but if you’re working with a developer feel free to share the docs: SMS with Twilio Programmable Messaging: Send and Receive Texts in Your App | Twilio

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