Global DHIS2 users join this vibrant community of practice


“A wise man learns from his mistakes. A wiser one learns from others mistakes. But the wisest of all learns from others’ successes.”

I can certainly relate to this Zen proverb adapted by John C. Maxwell. It sums up my experience with the DHIS2 community of practice and my adventures with the DHIS2 open source platform for the collection, management, analysis and use of information.

With the DHIS2 now in 67 countries, the number of ways to use DHIS2 is growing rapidly. Fortunately, the number and proficiency of DHIS2 users is growing too. Sharing and learning from one another’s experiences and successes has become an invaluable part of creating sustainable, robust DHIS2 projects. It has led to the creation of this community of experienced DHIS2 practitioners who share a common goal; to use DHIS2 to implement information systems to better the health of all.

As the lead of a large Data Science lead team at HISP South Africa, which works with a number of Africa partners, I am frequently responsible for conceptualising new and innovative ways of configuring DHIS2 to meet a wide variety of information management requirements. The community of fellow DHIS2 users is my first port of call when I have face challenges, need some additional assistance, or want to show off a new success.

The global DHIS2 community is dynamic and highly productive. It has all three distinctive traits for a community of practice:

  • Domain – what we care about: DHIS2
  • Practice – our shared body of knowledge, experience, and techniques: decades of experience implementing DHIS2 and developing the DHIS2 platform
  • Community – our self-selected group of individuals who care enough about DHIS2 to participate in regular interactions: implementers from Ministries of Health, Partners and NGOs who voluntarily subscribe to and interact in this community.

If you are a DHIS2 user, join the community today and help us share, learn and explore DHIS2 together.

I wrote this piece for eHNA, a blog about digital health issues affecting Africa


Fantastic article @Elmarie_Claasen! Thank for sharing with the community!


I love the article @Elmarie_Claasen! Way to go!

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