Getting Logged out with the Capture App while entering data

We are testing 2.34.2 and 2.35.0 for future upgrade from 2.31.10.

In 2.31.10 (using Event Capture), there is a consistent “Ping” which seems to happen in the background, which keeps the user active in the instance while they are entering data. I just noticed that in 2.34.2 and 2.35.0 this ping is not there. (I noticed after I was logged out while delaying to complete an event).

Has anyone experienced this before? Is there a workaround that has helped others? @chase.freeman I know you talked to me about this previously, not sure if you have any thoughts here from personal experience.

Thanks to any/all!

Hi @Matthew_Boddie,

I believe the ping was removed due to being a security issue. @bobj @Markus Anything to add?

Best regards,

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Thanks for the quick response @Karoline.
A distinction that would be helpful is if idle is determined by lack of navigation (not ideal), or if entering values into cells of Data Elements would prevent getting logged out.

Would be pretty great to have a pop-up of some kind as notification that one is getting logged out, or a notificatoin that one is logged out. As it is, I’m able to click save as if I’m online, and upon refreshing (and signing back in), data is lost. I’ll be happy to build out that feature request in Jira, however.