Getting error saying 'value not unique' when the value is unique

We have a TEA which is set to be unique across the system. This has been working well, but suddenly it has started rejecting value entered - even when it is definitely unique. We are using this for a unique identifier code, and no matter what UIC we enter, it says ‘value not unique’.

This doesn’t happen for superusers. We think, but aren’t sure, that it may have been working before we added a French translation to the TEAs. But we can’t see how this would in any way affect whether the system recognises a value as unique. Has anyone else experienced this?

We are on version 2.30.


It is strange. Especially when you say it works for superusers.
Will you be able to create a JIRA issue adding the necessary details, snapshots etc? We will take a look at it.

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Update on this: We worked out this was because the user’s search org units did not contain any of the org units they have set for data entry- and this stopped everything else from working! This is a problem as we are using our data entry org units for users to enter data under their Organsiation as the org unit, but then recording where an incident happened in a data element using search org units. This has been reported as an issue on JIRA here: