Getting an error when manually uploading a custom react app to a Dhis2 Instance

Hi Team. I am having an issue when uploading my custom react app that is consuming the dhis2 web api. I have created a react app from scratch without using d2. I have also created a build using npm run build command for production release and added the manifest.webapp file on the project route.

The app is installing successfully and I can see it with the other apps within the instance. However, when I click on the app it’s not showing any ui. I checked the console and here are the errors I am getting. Kindly assist.

Hi @Adriano_Mutize

Thanks for your post, and welcome to the community!

It seems the app is unable to find the css/js files as it’s getting an html file instead of css/js. The bundling of the app is probably not done correctly. But without access to the source code it’s hard for me guess what the problem could be.

However, I would recommend to use the platform tooling we have from React to bootstrap the app for you, so it’ll also have the headerbar and default configurations done. Perhaps you can have a look at an empty project created using the platform tooling and see what’s different.

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