Get orgunit name , UID or Code in program rule

Hey Djibril!

Sorry for the delayed response.

Assuming you are on 2.27 or later, you can access the organization unit code by using the variables V{orgunit_code}. The orgunit name or other details cannot currently be accessed in program rules, but you can add your additional requirements in Jira.

In your assign rule, you can put V{orgunit_code} in the assignment expression. Please reach out if you want further assistance on the specifics here.

It is hard for users to know the built-in variables at the moment, as the new program rule maintenance user interface does not list the available variables as the old user interface did. This will be rectified in Jira DHIS2-1932 <>

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5. okt. 2017 kl. 11.18 skrev

Hi all,
Can you please help me!
I want to be able to get organisation unit selected for tracker data entry in a program rule.
The goal is to assign this orgunit Name, Uid, Code or attribute (metadata attribute) value got to another field with concatenation with some other values too.
Thank you

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