Get latest event value as Program Indicator

I have program setup where a stage captures monthly test results as repeatable events. How can I access the only last event’s value as a program indicator in this scenario?

There’s a stage called test results and repeatable events within it tracks blood sugar level every month. I want to create an indicator that calculates value for this tracked entity based on the last event only.

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Hi @Aatish_Neupane,
What you want might be acheived with an enrollment type program indicator. If you select “Enrollment” under “Analytics type” in the program indicator, the behavior of the indicator changes:
Each enrollment is only counted once, and only the latest event data will be used for each enrollment. You can read more about this in the documentation. There is also a presentation showing it a bit more visually:

Please reach out if you have any further questions or concerns!



Hi @Markus

Thank you very much! Your explanation and the accompanying slide made the concept so much clear.

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I was wondering how enrollment indicators select latest event from events in a repeatable stage if multiple events happen in the same day. In my instance, events for same date are saved as timestamps without time values:


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Hi @Markus ! Hope you’re well.

This slide in the presentation is a bit confusing to me. I would have expected both of these enrollments to be filtered out, because the last event in the program stage was <140 and the indicator is set to enrollment. Can you/others help me understand why I’m wrong?