Get data from the audit table

I am trying to get audit data from the audit table, what postgres function do I need to use to view the audit data? The docs say it’s a compressed JSON string but don’t specify how to get the JSON string out.

Hi @plinnegan
I guess you checked out the documentation here?

Also if you have access to the servers database and need the audit data in bulk, it is possible to find this data in the various “audit” tables in the database such as “datavalueaudit”, “trackedentityinstanceaudit”, etc.

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Thanks Jason, I was looking at the database docs rather than these because I was hoping to access the audit table, rather than these others. I’ve looked at these other tables and sadly they don’t seem to have the information I need. Do you know if it’s the case that the audit table is just a combination of these tables? In which case if I can confirm that there’s not the info I need in the other tables, then I know that the audit table would not have any additional information. That would also help me to conclude the issue.