GeOnG 2018, the Humanitarian Data Conference - Looking for a presentation on DHIS2

Dear DHIS2 community members,

I’m contacting you today regarding the 6th edition of the GeOnG forum, the humanitarian data forum that will take place from October 29th to 31st in Chambéry, France (1h from Geneva).

Organized by CartONG, the GeOnG addresses the use of data in the humanitarian & development sectors, including topics related to mapping & GIS, mobile data collection, information management, and more generally the use of new technologies by humanitarian organizations - as you can see in our 2018 GeOnG teaser. It’s one of the biggest independent forum on the topic in Europe, with an average of 140 participants from 70 organizations in the last two editions.

This year’s theme is: “Perfection” versus “Good Enough” in Information Management: Adjusting to context, scale, phase, and funding . You will find the full agenda for the event on our website: Agenda | CartONG

We are planning a session titled " What business model for digital commons in the humanitarian sector? " and thought the experience of the DHIS2 community could bring very interesting insights to our participants.

This session’s abstract is the following: “NGOs and humanitarian agencies are naturally prone to promote open platforms & tools, which fit their values. However, building and especially maintaining these “digital commons” (tools, platforms and documentation) always proves more difficult than expected due to the financial and organizational constraints of the sector.”

GeOnG roundtables are panel discussion of professionals and experts (around 4 or 5) of 1h30. Each speaker is expected to present for up to 10/15 mn maximum, in order to leave time for an open debate with the room. We are expecting on the panel several developers of the key digitals tools used in the aid sector currently, including Sigmah, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team and KoBo Toolbox.

I’m sorry to contact you only 2 weeks before the event, we initially thought we’d have an user/implementer of DHIS2 to come & present but this hasn’t come through, which give us the opportunity to open the floor to other community members.

We would be very happy to have DHIS2 presented the 2018 GeOnG forum! Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions or comments.

Martin Noblecourt
GeOnG Project Manager

Hi Martin,
Thanks for reaching out to us. The panel discussion topic looks very interesting. I believe that our perspective of a global goods approach to DHIS2 development and capacity building would complement the conversation and is the driving factor to why it has gone to such a large scale and had continuous support from donors. I will pass along your request to our senior management team.


Thanks a lot for your answer Scott, that sounds exactly like what I am looking for!
Please get back to me as soon as you can since the conference will arrive fastly…

Looking forward to hear from you!