Geolocation of tracker enrolment and events: why is data often missing?

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We work on projects with DHIS2 tracker in which geolocation should be collected either at enrolment and/or at each event, or at the different stages of a program.

For example, for a given program we have to stages: enumeration and distribution. For each of these stages we configure “Feature type” to point. However, we have geographic coordinates for only about 20% of the instances.

I imagine that this means that if the mobile device does not provide geographic coordinates (either because the location functionality is shut off, or because insufficient GNSS signals are captured), DHIS2 does not keep the agents from proceeding with the registration of the stage, and just does not record geolocation. Is that correct ? Is this configurable, i.e. can the system keep the user from saving unless a position (with sufficient precision) is found ? Or do we have to create an explicit compulsory form field for capturing geolocation ?


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Like you mentioned if it’s not a compulsory field then DHIS2 will allow the user to save/enter data; however, if the field is compulsory then it will only allow the user to proceed when the location is entered.

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The issue is that when configuring events or tracker stages, I don’t see any way to define whether this should be compulsory or not. I know I can do it when defining fields for a form, but not when using the “Feature type” config option. Is there a way to declare this as compulsory ?


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Hey @mlennert . I am pinging here people from @team-tracker to see if they can provide any feedback.

What I think you could do, which not sure if would accomplish what you want for later operations (maybe mapping) is creating TEI Attrinutes and/or DataElements (of the type Coordinate) compulsory to prevent users being able to save the TEI or the event if those are not filled in.

For example, this is for a DE:

AFAIK later on you could use that points on the maps via selecting a specific DE in the layer creation.

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Hi Jaime,

Thank you for your feedback. This confirms thus that the “Feature type” parameter cannot be rendered compulsory and that we have to work with a compulsory DE either for TEI, for enrollment or for the different stages of the tracker programme.


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It seems you are right. @mlennert . I am tagging the @dhis2-tracker team as this seems to require work on their side.

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Thank you @mlennert! @jaime.bosque created a jira bug issue: [DHIS2-14569] - Jira you can watch to receive updates as well as like or add additional comments.

@mlennert, would you share the user story (use case) in the Jira issue above for the feature to be designed and built?

Thank you!