GeoJSON or GML import

Hello Community,
I have a GeoJSON file download from a DHIS2 Instance. I tried to import it into another instance with the same OU IDs, but it doesn’t work.
Attached are the report image captures:

Hi @dkande

What version of DHIS2 is your instance running? And what is the version of the Maps app (you can find out from the App Management app)?

I used play and I can see a dropdown to select the ‘Store geometry as value of attribute’. You can see for yourself, DHIS 2 Demo - Sierra Leone . Maybe if it’s not showing then it could be a cache issue, so would you try again using your browser’s Guest mode ( Browse Chrome as a guest - Computer - Google Chrome Help)?


Hi @Gassim ,
I use version 2.40.1 for DHIS2 and Version 100.2.2 for the Map application.
I also changed my browser, but the catchment area is still not displayed.
I did the test with the play it worked.