Generic or Global Line list metadata package

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Is there a Metadata Package for the Generic line list?
Instead of creating different line lists for Measles, Cholera, Meningitis… I’m looking for a specific that comprises all the diseases that users can select from the dropdown list.

Your contribution is highly appreciated

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Hi Don. We don’t have a “line listing” package per se, but we do have a case-based Tracker program that comprises 9 vaccine-preventable diseases including measles and meningitis, with the core data elements recommended by WHO AFRO for case-based reporting (this includes case notification from the health facility, as well as program stages for lab results and case outcome). You can find the package here.

We use a TEI attribute ‘Clinical diagnosis’ with a dropdown of suspected diseases (option set). This is entered when the user begins the case registration, selects the clinical diagnosis (suspected disease) and this triggers a series of program rules to show/hide the data elements and program stages that are relevant to the selected disease. You can read more about the design in the design guide. You can also check how the Tracker program works in the demo site, if you go to Tracker Capture app and select the ‘Case-based Surveillance’ program:

Hope that helps!


Thanks, @Rebecca.

This was very detailed and exactly what I was looking for. This should definitely suffice the work I’m doing.

Truly appreciate

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