Generating sequential numbers in Event Programs

Can this be implemented in the event program, or is it only applied to tracker program’s, if only on tracker program what method can be used for event system generated id.
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Thank you for your post, @Waheed! The Sequential numbers in the Tracker Program are used to generate IDs for TEI but may I ask for Event programs, why would it be used and why is it important? If you would please share the use case!


Dear Mr @Gassim Greetings,
The reason why i was asking that question is because we have notification of birth program, the Data personally at the facility will register the child details on the register and issued none electronic certificate and the register data will be aggregated at the end of the month and entered into DHIS2 as aggragate, therefore its very difficult for the Data clerks to track the certificate and replace it if it lost by the caretaker, and also the data of each child issued a certificate it remained on the register, and confirmations if this certificate is really or fake, therefore the team decided to work on electonic register and customs application that will generate the electronic certificate wirh QR code for confirmation, our challenge was to add unique ID that will contain the short name of the State, County and facility, year that the certificate has been issued example CES/JUB/JTH/000001/01-2012, in tracker capture we are able to do that but in the event we are not able to do that, therefore our question is how to use the system generated id in the event program.
In case something is not clear about the above statement, let me know so that i can explain again.
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Hi @Waheed

Thank you for the explanation!

Have you considered using a Tracker program with the same info that is being entered into the Event program? Initially from what I understand you are keeping records of a TEI (the child) and thus I believe a tracker program is required even if no personal details are added! Plus, it’s also possible to generate QR codes in the program.


If the sequential number part of the above is not necessary then I think you could also use a program rule to assign these values to a data element but probably without the sequential number i.e. STATE/COUNTY/FACILITY/YEAR?