Generated Unique ID invalid is configured with a generated tracked entity attribute named “Unique ID”. It is a 7-digit random number.

If it starts with a “0”, when I assign it to a tracked entity instance, the web API returns a 409 response with the following in the import summary:

"conflicts": [
    "object": "Attribute.value",
    "value": "Value '0456589' is not a valid numeric type for attribute lZGmxYbs97q"

Changing the Value Type of Unique ID from “Number” to “Text” solves the problem.

But are there side-effects of doing this that I should be aware of?

Hi @nhooper,

I am not entirely sure why you are receiving the error in the first place, but in this case, there is not issue switching to TEXT.

As a matter of fact, we have recently decided to restrict values automatically generated to only work for text-type value types (This is due to validation issues we have seen later, when people change data type, pattern, etc.) So changing it to text just means you are ahead of the curve :slight_smile:

Thanks very much @Stian