GEE App and Functionality

Hi CoP!

We’re trying to get the GEE App set up on our servers so that we can start taking pulls of data and pushing it to specific data elements and integrating this data into our analytics. We’ve been able to set up the GEE API Key to allow for Maps to pull and populate data, but are struggling with getting anything meaningful from the GEE App. We keep getting stuck here:

Anyone had similar experiences or (even better) have been able to get out of this? Thanks!

cc to @ifoche / EyeSeeTea team if I can provide more information
cc to @chase.freeman who may be able to provide more backend setup that we currently have.


Dear @Matthew_Boddie .

Thank you for your message. Unfortunately we have an unresolved issue at this moment in the GEE Importer App produced by a drastic change in the GEE API responses. We don’t have a timeline to solve this issue yet, as nobody has decided at this moment to fund this bug solution. Please if you or anyone reading this post is in position to back the resolution of this bug, don’t hesitate in writing us to my email or EST one in:

Thank you!

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Well noted, and thanks for the response!

@Matthew_Boddie note that Google Earth Engine data import is supported natively in the Import/Export app since DHIS2 version 2.39 - see the documentation here. Let us know if that solution doesn’t meet your needs, there may be some improvements we could add in future DHIS2 versions.


Much appreciated @austin! We definitely have looked at and even used the 2.39+ functionality (and also been able to import, pull, and then re-import into our 2.37 server). The issue is not the funcitonality but rather the amount of data that we’d like to have available in analytics. I’m happy to detail that–would it be best placed in a feature request in Jira?

@Matthew_Boddie hmm I’m not sure I follow, curious to know more. If you can put additional details in a Jira issue and link it here that would be great, thanks!


Hi @austin Thanks for taking the time here, and apologies for the shocking amount of time it took me to respond. This is a priority for us! Don’t want you to think otherwise. Below are a couple of feature tickets that I’ve written out; they are envisioning (at best) a kind of symbiotic nature of import/export and the maps app, where what is available visually on the Maps app will inherently be available to pull and push into aggregate DEs as needed for more rigorous analytical decision-making.

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