Gavi Talk: DHIS2 Immunization Toolkit

Hi all -
This month, Gavi graciously invited HISP to give a Gavi Talk on the immunization toolkit for DHIS2 and how using data from many sources in an integrated DHIS2 platform can support countries to reach zero-dose children and under-immunized communities. We are pleased to share with the community the recording, which can be accessed at this link.

Topics cover:

  • Integrating EPI data into the national HMIS
  • Data use & dashboards at sub-national and district levels
  • Population mapping & microplanning
  • Vaccine-preventable disease surveillance
  • Cold chain & facility-level stock data
  • Adverse events following immunization
  • Immunization campaign planning & real-time monitoring

We encourage you to visit the DHIS2 for Immunization webpage to read more about how national immunization programs have made real-world impact with DHIS2 – many of which are referenced in the Gavi Talk. HISP extends its thanks to the WHO for its partnership in the development of the standards-based toolkit and to Gavi for its ongoing support to strengthen national information systems for immunization.

We would love to hear from the community how you are using DHIS2 to reach zero dose and under-immunzaed children. Please feel free to comment or create a new topic in the COP Immunization Category!

– The DHIS2 Team