Gateway configuration for SMS reminders

Good day,
I am using DHIS2 version.
I am trying to set up SMS reminders for vaccination appointments. according to the documentation i have to configure a gateway in order to be able to send the SMS reminders. I am trying to connect with a Telecommunication company that is covering the area am implementing the DHIS project in, however i don’t know what are the exact information i would require from them also i don’t know if the SMS title that would go to the parents will be using the Telecommunication name or the DHIS name or what exactly???
any clarification and help would be much appreciated.
Thank you.


Hi @Haliz.t

Thank you for sharing your post! I did check the documentation and like you mentioned it doesn’t provide specific instructions and the reason is probably because this differs based on the web service that is used for the dedicated gateway connection and which type of gateway is being used.

Quoting from the docs:

When using all of the below SMS gateway options, when you configure them to forward incoming SMS on to another web service, they will each have their own format, which will be different to the one expected by the DHIS2 API. For this reason then, it’s necessary to reformat them before sending them on to the DHIS2 server.

One option is to run your own very simple web service, which simply receives the incoming SMS from the gateway provider, reformats it to the one required for DHIS2 and forwards it on to your DHIS2 API. Such a service would need to be written by a software developer.

There are several options for SMS gateways mentioned in the docs including RapidPro. If you decide to use RapidPro there’s a dedicated community tag for #rapidpro. Feel free to make a post in the #implementation:interoperability category and tag it with the #rapidpro tag.

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Dear @Gassim thanks for your reply
But I don’t want to use SMS for sending reports or feedback … I just need to send A reminder with next vaccine appointment … so does that still require. Developer to do???
Is there a way where I can use an API that works for DHIS2 and doesn’t require to use a telecommunications company ?

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Hi @Haliz.t

To the best that I know if you’re using SMS then you probably need telecommunications company. However, if SMS is not a requirement then email is another option. API can be used to integrate with other apps but that’d require a developer to be involved as well.