Gassim, You're rocking it! Thank you for your work!

Just want to say @Gassim your commitment to CoP is really incredible. It has made this entire space so much more useful. I never have a doubt of any issue, whether it is mine or someone elses, being picked up, because it feels like you are always here. I’m honestly not sure how you do it, but it is certainly appreciated, and it is noticed!


Thank you @Gassim for the wonderful work you do! :pray:


Hi @Matthew_Boddie

You made my day! Thank you so much! I really appreciate your kind and encouraging words and it’s delightful to hear this from an active and helpful community member like you.

I’m also glad that you are making use of this space and sharing about your thoughts, issues, and challenges. I appreciate all the help you also provide to other community members. I consider any success that I have in my role here is simply a reflection of the presence of a positive, helpful, and enriching community. :heartpulse:

@nnkogift , thank you for your support as well! :slight_smile: :pray:

Everyday there’s more to learn and every month when I look at the copmonthly I am humbled by the active and helpful community members as well as the support we’re receiving from the DHIS2 core team.

Thank you again so much for your kind words. I’m happy to be here and committed to keep trying my best.

BTW, I moved the post to the Connect - Connectez-vous category instead of the Support - Assistance technique because it’s the more relevant category. I hope you don’t mind :slight_smile: Thanks!


Not all heroes wear capes! :smiley:


Thanks! You’re one of those heroes @jaime.bosque :heart_eyes::pray:

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