FW: Translation of DHIS2 to Brazilian Portuguese


Can anyone please help with this issue?


Paulo Grácio


From: Paulo Grácio [mailto:pgracio@criticalsoftware.com]
Sent: sexta-feira, 3 de Janeiro de 2014 13:56
To: ‘Lars Helge Øverland’
Cc: ‘Marcio Thomé’; ‘Knut Staring’; ‘Ola Hodne Titlestad’; ‘zeferino saugene’; ‘Jason Pickering’
Subject: RE: Translation of DHIS2 to Brazilian Portuguese

Hi all,

Happy new year to everyone!

I was trying to generate help_content file based on our translation to Portuguese. To make sure I was doing everything correct I tried to generate first the default file based on English translation to check if the contents were the same. What I did was:

  •      Copy script from resources/util/compile_help_content.sh script to /dhis2-docs/dhis2-docbook-docs/src/docbkx/en
  •      Execute ./compile_help_content.sh

Once the generated file is different from the one in /dhis-2/dhis-services/dhis-service-core/src/main/resources/help_content.xml I guess I’m doing something wrong… any idea?


Paulo Grácio

From: Lars Helge Øverland [mailto:larshelge@gmail.com]
Sent: quinta-feira, 2 de Maio de 2013 11:40
To: Paulo Grácio
Cc: Marcio Thomé; Knut Staring; Ola Hodne Titlestad; zeferino saugene; Jason Pickering
Subject: Re: Translation of DHIS2 to Brazilian Portuguese

Hi Paulo, yes that’s great. You can either send me a patch, or commit and upload a branch to launchpad, I am happy with it either way.

A tip for the help_content file: This file is assembled based on the various user_man chapter files in the documentation branch. To generate the help_content file you can use the resources/util/compile_help_content.sh script from the regular source code repository.

As you probably know, we put “id” attributes directly on “section” elements in the docbook markup to identify which sections to load in the user interface. You will have to make this identical in the portuguese file for it to work.