Future of DHIS2 Tracker / Individual events tracker

Hello all,

Would like to ask your opinion on how we plan to tackle the current issue or rather perception that “DHIS2 as a system struggles when it comes to tracker use cases” Or is this my misconception or just a perception

Do we plan to make tracker design to more comprehensive and user friendly?


Hi @jthomas,

Thank you for your post and sharing your thoughts! As you know we try to address any challenges or questions the community faces and work on finding solutions.

As for the inaccurate perception you mentioned, I think it’s both a generalization that all tracker use cases are a “struggle” and a misconception about how the system works. DHIS2 is a system which can be configured good and can be configured. Additionally, sometimes certain use cases require specific features that need either more complicated and appropriate configuration or that the use case requires unique features that would require additional software development which is why the DHIS2 core team is always releasing updates, listening to the community, and developing the feature requests.

On contrary to the perception mentioned, DHIS2 tracker has proved to be successful in many use cases at national levels worldwide such as the COVID-19 use cases. #resources:user-stories in the community usually mention how helpful and useful DHIS2 Tracker is for their implementation.

You are always welcome to discuss feature requests with the community and share your ideas. This is initially the plan and as you see the team is constantly working on improving the user experience and productivity. If there is a struggle, feel free to create a community post and together we can find solutions. Creating feature requests is always welcome!



Thanks @Gassim Appreciate

Will raise and discuss such feature requests. I agree it’s way forward


Hi @jthomas , as the product manager for Tracker, I actually do agree that creating programs is complex. There are very diverse and sophisticated requirements for individual level information systems, and the result is a configuration process that can be a bit overwhelming.

We have a philosophy of trying to make the user-facing side of programs simple and easy to use, pushing the complexity onto the more technical program / system leads. That said, we also keep introducing more features to make it easier for the configurers as well.

I recognize that we have more work to do here, but to @Gassim 's point, Tracker has been adopted in more than 80 countries and with very large scale, complex programs. It can be done, even if we would like to make it be done more easily.

Do you have any specific thoughts about what would be some key complexities to address?


Hi @mike Thank you so much for your reply.

Two requirements immediately come to my mind is:

  1. A possibility to configure a unique ID feature for event programs so that some of the tracker programs can be implemented in events also. Currently, only Attributes has this capability of making it Unique and auto-generate

  2. Currently it’s too difficult to navigate UI through the events inside tracker, when we have multiple stages and repeatable, it’s confusing, it would be great if we could make the events inside tracker more explorable.

Thank You