Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We will keep a rolling FAQ that we update as we identify common questions we have been receiving. Please refer to this post as it is updated, and continue to let us know any questions you may have.

Q: Which DHIS2 version is supported?
A: The package was developed on DHIS 2.33.2 and it is recommended that you use this version (or any version above it) to install the package. For more detail, please refer to the installation guide.

Q: Can data be captured on a mobile phone or tablet?
A: Yes, it is compatible with the DHIS2 Capture app for android devices.

Q: Which Android Version is supported?
A: The current recommended version of DHIS2 Android Capture is 2.0.1, available for download on GooglePlay or GitHub

Q: Should I install the standalone or the one integrated in disease surveillance?
A: This depends on the context in which your health information system is currently functioning. If capacity exists, integration of the program is a long term investment that will allow for long term capacity building strategies to pay off and is potentially more sustainable. This can be complicated to implement in practice however and you will need to ensure that it is scaled up quickly to react to the reporting needs of your health system. A standalone setup may work better if you foresee these difficulties in your implementation. It is best to discuss this with us directly if you would like further advice on this.

Q: What are the advantages of installing it in a separate instance?
A: This will allow you to get set up quickly using the program metadata that is available without having to perform advanced modification to the installation file prior to the package being installed. Compatibility issues will also be reduced as you will be able to install the package on the same version of DHIS2 that it is being developed in.

Q: Does it include contact tracing?
A: Yes, it includes a separate program where contacts can be enrolled as TEIs and added as a relationship between them and the case. Alternatively, they can be registered as data elements in a separate stage, but the first option is recommended. We will be aiming to release the separate program Thursday, March 19 if possible.

Q: Where do I find installation instructions for this Package?
A: Detailed instructions for installation can be found in the installation guide.

Q: What should I do if I encounter an error during installation?
A: A number of conflict resolution strategies are discussed in the installation guide. If you encounter something that you can not solve, please post in the community of practice.

Q: Is there readily available documentation that shows what data is being captured and the business processes/workflows for the case reports and contact tracing?
A: Please review the system design documentation for a more detailed review of the package. You may also review this presentation to review the workflow diagrams in more detail.

Q: Are there any plans to include biometric identification in the tracker?
A: Biometrics is being worked on with two different partners, but the support for this is still months away.

Q: Does the tracker module support contact tracing across jurisdictions/borders?
A: Within your organization unit hierarchy, you will be able to perform contact tracing to contacts that are either already registered or need to be registered in areas that are not the same as your index case as of DHIS 2.34. It is currently not possible to create relationships across boundaries in DHIS 2.33.


Hi All,
We have already import the Case-based surveillance tracking and now we want to get the metadata for Contact Registration and Follow-up Tracker. This isn’t yet deployed to this web site for COVID19.

Thanks you for your help.

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From DHIS2 COVID-19 program to WHO linelist:
Here in Doctors Without Borders we are looking for a way to share with WHO the data we intend to collect using COVID-19 DHIS2 package. It seems the format to be used for that purpose is an Excel sheet with specific variables. Anyone already worked on that topic and could share the result?

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Hi Papa. We will try to release the contact tracing program Thursday March 19 if possible from our side. We will let you know when it is released.

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Hi Ludovic! The case-based surveillance tracker package was developed based on the Excel sheet you reference WHO COVID-19 global surveillance data dictionary We will soon update the COVID-19 surveillance package documentation with a mapping of DHIS2 metadata to that data dictionary – I’ll post again here when it’s publicly available.

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Hi Shurajit,
Sounds good and thanks you

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Hi Ludovic - we have posted the DHIS2 metadata mapping to the WHO COVID-19 data dictionary template. You can find it here DHIS2 COVID CBS metadata mapping-WHO Data dictionary and we will also include in the soon-to-be-released version 0.2.

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Great, thanks a lot Rebecca. Anyone in the community started working on a chart or a query to extract the data from DHIS2 to populate WHO template with the needed formating?

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Hi Papa, We have now released a new package that includes the Contact Registration & Follow up program. Please visit to access the updated package and the relevant documentation!

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Hi Rebecca,
Good job thanks for your information.

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