Format thousands separator

I need help for “the thousand format” in tracker capture.
(*ex: change 3000 to 3,000 )
(v 2.40)



Would you take a screenshot explaining the issue a bit further? Is this format during data entry or after? Is it for the Data Elements or Attributes?

If the format is required in the data entry field, I don’t think it’s possible; however, you can explain the use case further and then we can look into creating a feature request if it’s shared across the community. (See ideas!)


Hi Gassim,
Many thanks for the help,
About that :


Hi, I opened a JIRA ticket in March 2023, the ticket indicates v41 as a possible implementation time line:
There is actually a wider issue on consistency of thousand separators across various DHIS2 apps and consistency in setting options (some apps already allow selecting or deselecting separators, others do not)
I hope you have access to JIRA.


Great, @George_McGuire! Thank you for sharing!

I also found it in the ideas tool:

@ANDRIAMIFIDY, I’m sorry this is not currently available; however, you can also add your comments there as it is ‘currently under consideration’ .You can watch the idea above for updates, and when the voting opens you can vote for this feature if it doesn’t get implemented: Digit group separator in Data Entry forms, Capture app, Tracker Capture app in Capture Android app

See ideas!

This is the same JIRA ticket which was “converted” into the roadmap (which references that JIRA-ticket).

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