Form Name not displaying

Hello support team,

The form name is not displaying in the tracker in the web version. what’s the problem ? I have the version 2.36.

Thank you in advance

Hello, would you please take screenshot of the Network tab when you try to see the form name? Any issues? Is this reproducible in

Thank you! (:

Okay sorry, which app are you using? Tracker Capture or Capture app? What are the steps to reproduce this issue, would you take a screenshot of the whole screen as well?

Finally, what are the sharing settings and do you have the appropriate authorities to view it i.e. do other forms appear whereas only this form doesn’t appear?

Thanks a lot!


I am using the tracker capture and all the forms appear like that. Kindly note that this is the test server and not the production.

Hey @dina.mazloum, so I asked for support and would like to quote @Karoline:

I don’t think there is anything in the console that points to this issue.
Can you also ask them if they are using DHIS2 in English or in another language?

As you see in the Jira issue the user says that the translation of the form name doesn’t appear (and the locale is uk_UA). Are you using English, Arabic, or another language? Thanks!


  1. Have you enter translation value for the form name property ?
  2. Can you take a screenshot of the tracker capture app that having the issue, with empty form name ?
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Hello I am using english version
I entered for example the name and the short name LBN_test_test
The form name entered is Test
But it appears as LBN_test_test and not Test

Hello @dina.mazloum

I came across this problem, and remember I saw the same problem a while ago in another package using 2.36, that was fixed on the particular branch. And we are having a developer look at it soon. If you want I can answer you when I know the problem is fixed

Could be because the displayFormName is not updated, see this issue: [DHIS2-11082] - Jira

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